Will HPC Survive the Cloud and in What Form?

The theme of SOS24 is Will HPC Survive the Cloud and in What Form?

Participants in the SOS Workshops have been key players in remarkable changes in High Performance Computing and Data Analysis over the past two decades, and this 24th meeting will provide an opportunity to both look back over those changes and look ahead to the new horizons that are opening up as the Cloud strengthens its position in the computing world. The SOS24 participants will have an opportunity to engage and participate in sessions comprising the following topics:

  • Science and Application Drivers for Cloud and Edge Computing
  • Wrestling with Data
  • Exascale Data Movement Orchestration in Cloudy HPC Era
  • Toward Effective and Efficient Next-Generation HPC Software Ecosystems
  • Advances in Non-Von Neumann Architectures
  • AI and Science – A Marriage Made In…
  • HPC and/or Cloud for Data Driven Workflows