Toward Effective and Efficient Next-Generation HPC Software Ecosystems

New technical and organizational constructs promise to qualitatively change how the HPC community develops, delivers and deploys its software. Large-scale distributed collaboration enabled by platforms such as GitHub, GitLab and Atlassian tools permits a coordinated integration of activities at national and international scope. Agile software practices adapted and adopted by HPC development teams promise higher quality, lower cost and more timely software products. Packaging and delivery tools such as Spack and containers can dramatically lower the barriers to building, deploying and using HPC software stacks.

In this session, we bring community experts who are playing lead roles in these areas of HPC software together, to discuss what can and should be done to create and deliver next-generation HPC software ecosystems. Topics will include software ecosystem architectures, next-generation workflows, inclusion of modeling & simulation with AI and how to target diverse HPC environments and users, including cloud environments and new HPC user communities in the data sciences.