Science and Application Drivers for Cloud and Edge Computing: The case of the Square Kilometre Array

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Project will shortly embark on the construction of the World’s largest radio astronomy observatory with locations on three continents.

The SKA is, among other things, a large and complex IT project with numerous challenges to look forward to including the capture of petabits of raw data being produced 24/7, which will then be processed into hundreds of petabytes of science data products per annum for distribution to a worldwide user community to carry out further post-processing and analysis.

The talk will review the SKA’s plans to investigate cloud, edge, exascale and AI developments in order to meet its exacting requirements as these technologies evolve in the 2020s. The talk will close with an attempt to prognosticate on the long-term (survival?) prospects of the HPC industry as cloud computing grows ever more ubiquitous.